Save a Child’s Heart – Year 4

600TH CHILDREN SAVED (2016-2019)

SAVE A CHILD'S HEART Year 4: 1Pacman party-list annual project led by Rep. Mikee Romero and Rep. Eric Pineda.

Another at least 200 children suffering from Congenital Heart Diseases were blessed to receives free operation last December 23, 2019.

1Pacman Party-list Deputy Speaker Rep. Mikee Romero (right) with Rep. Eric Pineda.
The two lawmakers smiles for selfies.
Rep. Romero and Rep. Pineda during the photo ops.

1Pacman Party-list Deputy Speaker Rep. Mikee Romero and Rep. Eric Pineda successfully launched its fourth year of “Save A Child’s Heart” project at the Philippine Heart Center. Saving a total of 600 children this year.

Happy Hearts.
True Love.
From left: Deputy Speaker Rep. Mikee Romero with his son Santi and daughter Milka and actor Enzo Pineda, son of Rep. Pineda.
Touching Lives.

“Eric and I have saved 600 kids from 2016-2019. This 2020, we will
Be saving again 200 more children (aged 1 to 16), born with holes in their heart (Congenital Heart Diseases). Their parents cannot afford the P100,000 operation for their children and instead wait for donors to save their kids lives,” said Rep. Romero.

Real Heroes: (From left) Rep. Pineda, Enzo Pineda with the Romeros, Milka, Mikee and Santi.
That’s Entertainment
A Time for Joy.
Helping Hands.
A Beautiful Day.
Saying a Prayer.
Saving lives: Rep. Pineda (left) and Rep. Romero (middle)
1Pacman staff: One for all. All for One. Save the Children.