Romero’s ‘Labor Education Subject’ approved in Congress

Rep. Mikee Romero (FILE PHOTO) during the graduation ceremony of students under "Iskolar Kami Ni Cong. Mike Romero" program.

The House of Representatives approved a bill seeking to integrate labor education in social science subjects in the college curriculum recently.
The measure was first introduced in the 18th Congress by Deputy Speaker Rep. Mikee Romero through House Bill 1228. 

Rep. Romero during one of his Deputy Speaker duties in regular session in Congress.

Romero welcomed the development, citing the importance of labor education as part of the preparation of students for employment after graduation.

The bill defines labor education as teachings on labor rights, worker’s welfare and benefits, labor laws and regulations, the national and global labor situation, labor market concerns, labor issues, overseas work and related problems and similar topics related to labor and employment.

Romero stressed that developing the labor force would make the country more attractive to foreign investors. 

The measure provides that labor education shall be integrated into the mandatory social science subjects.